Name of Procedure: Application for user account
Purpose: For new user to apply an account to use AACM
Electronic Flight Application System

Special Attention:

Law No. 16/2021 – Obligation to provide information by transportation operators to the Public Security Police Force

According to Article 60 of Law No. 16/2021, commercial business owners engaged in air transport or owners of air transportation not for commercial use are required to transmit the information of all the passengers and the crew transported to the Macao to the Public Security Police Force immediately after the completion of passenger boarding procedure. This Article and the relevant administrative regulation come into effect on 16 November 2022. According to Item 1, Term 1, Article 89 of the above law, transportation operators who fail to transmit the above passenger information, transmit incorrect, incomplete or false information, or transmit the information beyond the time limit will be fined MOP30,000 to MOP150,000 per flying range.

Transportation operators or owners of air transportation are required to transmit passenger information in the form of messages via a dedicated network to the address designated by the Public Security Police Force:
Testing Address: MFMATXH

Official Address: MFMAPXH

In cases where the above transmission method is not applicable, passenger information should be sent via the form in the Public Security Police Force’s Advanced Passenger Information System (API System) (

If there is any question about the API System, please feel free to contact the Airport Checkpoint of the Public Security Police Force during office hours by phone at 88981614 or by email at If there is any question about system registration and integration, please contact Mr. Lui of NetCraft Information Technology (Macao) Co. Ltd. by phone at 6213 0231 or by email at